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Competition Rules 2024

Rules will coincide with all NHRA track rules for conduct, safety, and class requirements for “SUPER Street/Gas” per the 2024 rulebook with the following exceptions:

1. No minimum weight requirement.

2. The skidding of tires or excessive deceleration at the finish line, which becomes unsafe, is grounds for disqualification as determined by the starter and track officials.

3. A driver must stage their car during at least one qualifying session to be placed on the ladder. Once the car has been staged, you will be put on the ladder and there will be no refund. If the vehicle is unable to compete in the first round, a board member should be notified prior to the driver's meeting.

4. Crossing the starting line on a burnout, UNDER POWER OR NOT, constitutes a foul and the driver will be disqualified. Warnings will be given during qualifying only and if repeated during qualifying no time will be given. This rule will be waived if deemed necessary by the SCSSA board.

5. Only those drivers whose names appear on the tech card as driver will be permitted to drive the car on the track or in the pits. All drivers will be required to show a proper license & car number prior to receiving a tech card.

6. All cars will be required to go through tech before making any runs down the track.

7. No deep staging is permitted.

8. SCSSA races on a Sportsman Ladder; First round ladder generation is as follows: The first half of the field will race the second half - Example: 60 cars, 1 will race 31, 2- 32 etc. If there are an odd number of cars, the # 1 qualifier will get the bye. Once the ladder is completed, it will not change.

9. Sponsor decals must be displayed on the race car during eliminations, starting with the first round, to be eligible for any contingency monies.

10. The official starter will “back out” any racer that breaks the courtesy staging rule one time only during eliminations. A second occurrence will be treated as an infraction

and the racer will be disqualified.

11. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure: 1) Entry fees are paid before the first qualification attempt. 2) Tech cards are filled in properly and turned in. 3) Vehicle passes

technical inspection. 4) Time slips have proper car number on them for credit of run.

12. All racers must submit a completed W-9 form to SCSSA in order to receive payouts.



Participant Code of Conduct

Participants in the Southern California Super Street Association are expected, at all times, to conduct themselves in a professional and non-disruptive manner.

Any participant who, in the absolute judgment of the SCSSA board or the operating Track Manager, violates any of the following rules of conduct will be assessed the penalties listed below.

1) Verbally or physically threatens another participant or other person.

2) Uses vulgar or derogatory language.

3) Engages in unsportsmanlike conduct or conduct detrimental to the sport of drag racing.

4) Otherwise creates a condition or circumstance that is unsafe, unfair, or out of order.

First offence - A two race suspension of the next two SCSSA points races.

Second offence – A one year suspension from all SCSSA points races.

Third offence – Permanent suspension from SCSSA.

In the event of a grievance between a participant and the operating track personnel or any other racer, the participant shall always present his or her grievance to a Board Member of SCSSA. In no instance shall the participant engage a track official or another racer without a Board Member present to settle said grievance. Failure to follow this procedure will violate the above code of conduct.

Board Members:

John Sapone, President

Jennifer Sapone, Chief Financial Officer

Kevin Houmard, Board Member

Jimmy Galante, Board Member

Ron Combs, Advisor to the Board

John Sapone


Southern California Super Street Association

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